Playing the game with iShares

February 27th, 2012

The latest results of our work on iShares would indicate that our investments are in good shape when it comes to engaging demanding target audiences within the financial sector.  

In order to demonstrate how accurate the iShares Eurostoxx 50 ETF is at tracking its underlying index we created an interactive tracking game which the player has to control just with the movement of their body.

The game uses the motion sensors in a Kinect camera to allow the user to track a 3D index.  When a person plays the game they stand in front of the camera and it detects their presence. After picking up their body shape and height, the game then follows the person’s hands as they guide a ball along the 3D track representing the index.  After playing the game the user is then given the chance to register their score; with the top five scorers winning an iPad 2. After the game the player is given further information about the accuracy of iShares ETFs.

This use of Xbox technology is a first in the finance industry and one that has received an encouraging response with 75% of event attendees stating that it was good/excellent in feedback forms.  We launched this concept in Rome and have since used it at similar events in Amsterdam , London and Zurich and will soon be modifying it for an event in Mexico.  Ole!