Bruce Daisley talks Twitter

March 28th, 2012

Today we were fortunate enough to welcome Bruce Daisley, Director of Twitter to our offices, where he imparted his wisdom on the fastest moving platform of the moment.

Having recently celebrated their 6th birthday, the folk at Twitter don't think of themselves as a social network at all.  'Information network' is a phrase that they're much happier with.  The entire concept (in case you didn't know) was born from a suggestion made at an away day - Bruce reassures us that staying in a 2 star hotel with your colleagues can in fact yield surprising results - and since then they've gone from achieving a billion tweets in three years, to reaching this figure every three days.

We learned that 55% of Twitter's active users tweet on mobile and in fact that 1 in 6 sign ups originate on a mobile device. It may seem that the whole world is tweeting, but this is in fact not the case.  2 in 5 people never tweet, they simply listen.  Joey Barton is not one of them.

In terms of explaining the basics, Bruce describes the # as the new URL which directs people to a conversation, rather than a website.  Your @ handle is shorter than a URL, more personal than a phone number and more memorable than both.  

When it comes to monetising the platform, there are three ways to do this - promoted accounts, promoted tweets and promoted trends.  Twitter have gone to great efforts to ensure that advertising is an organic part of the site, rather than an inconvenient obstacle. As a result, it works much better, with 2 out of 3 users saying that Twitter influences their purchasing decisions.

So what next?  Well, we got a glimpse of Twitter's latest collaboration with Amex and we have to say that we couldn't be more excited about this development.  You can now sync your American Express card with your Twitter account and when you tweet an offer, it is loaded to your card straight away.  To see it in action just visit

Just quickly, we'd like to thank Bruce for answering our questions and giving an insightful talk in such a concise manner - we gave him an hour, he took 25 minutes, true to the nature of his platform we suppose...