Geneva and Naxoo strike up debate

November 3rd, 2011

As the digital TV business heats up in Switzerland, Digital TV provider Naxoo recently launched a new product to win market share. The device, titled ‘Simply One’ is a credit-card shaped digital HD decoder which when inserted into the side of newer model TVs, offers hundreds of channels of high quality entertainment. As Naxoo’s communications agency, M&C Saatchi Geneva was tasked with communicating just how incredibly simple this new product was to the Geneva population.

With election campaigning in full swing, M&C Saatchi Geneva was quick to choose very topical, local issues that were gaining front-page media attention to demonstrate just how simple Naxoo’s ‘Simply One’ device was in comparison.  As politicians and news organisations alike couldn’t get enough of the topics of high-crime rates and the lack of available housing, Naxoo’s spots went to air to strike up the debate even further.

In three short films a Naxoo spokesperson is seen demonstrating the simplicity of the device as events take place around him. In the end his demonstration is seen as considerably simple in comparison to all that is going on in the same scene.

The films have been released through numerous TV channels and online to great reception by the Geneva audience.